True Life Story of Mr and Mrs Nnamdi Anyachukwu.

True Life Story of Mr and Mrs Nnamdi Anyachukwu.

To all my AFRICAN Business Partners. A MUST READ!! This is a True Life Story of Mr and Mrs Nnamdi Anyachukwu.

Mr and Mrs Nnamdi have been married for some years and with kids. They were both Graduates but opt to do one business or the other to make ends meet because of the scarcity of JOB in Nigeria. They have done so many things and tried various Network Marketing company just to achieve their dreams of Financial Freedom. Instead of Making it Big, their situation went from Bad to worse.

It was so bad that they had to resolve to selling AKARA at Iyana Ipaja just be able to feed the family.
It was at this Lowest state of their life that AIM Global came into Nigeria. He was Opportune to be Invited by a Friend to Listen to the Opportunity Plan Presentation at Ikeja. After listening to this wonderful Opportunity, he fell so much in Love with the Marketing Plan that he wanted to Start immediately. But unfortunately he was beyond BROKE at that point in time.

All they had left at that time was their small car. Because he wanted to Start Big with 7 Accounts (i.e 252k now 266k), the wife Reluctantly Agreed with him to sell their only car for them to Register for this Wonderful Opportunity.
Lo and Behold after just 3 Months in AIM Global doing the business and following simple instructions with Massive Action he was able to buy a New Car and he started making his Millions Every Month.
Today he and his wife are Global Ambassadors in AIM Global, the Highest Rank in Our Company. Their stories have changed from a struggling family to a more comfortable one that has everything at their beck and call.

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  1. Mr. Nnamdi I was opportuned to registered under you direct years back but I abandoned the business since then so I want to continue from where I stopped. Check your geonology,you will see me.

  2. Thanks for your Life changing experience. We are in the journey with God’s help.

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