Muhoozi Serugo Elias  Success Story!!!

Muhoozi Serugo Elias Success Story!!!

►Graduated as Statistician, after graduating he is unemployed for 3years and desperately in search of a job. He joined AIM Global January 2015

►He found his friend that is doing AIM Global for 6months, earning $2,000 EVERY OTHER MONTH! Mr. ELIAS said to him self, “if my friend start started from a scratch and after 6months he able to earn 6.7 million Ugandan Shilling, I can also do that! WE can also do that!”

Muhoozi Serugo Elias Success Story, aimglobal beneficiary,

►After 4months in the business he earned $1,000 and continuously do the business and after 1year able to start making $10,000 TODAY now he is making $700 every day.

►Drives his own Brand +New Mecedez Benz 2018

►HE is now 29years downlines are youngsters, some of them are students, students who are able to go to the best school and pay tuition by help of AIM Global.

►Note this, as long as you are determined, as long as you are working, as long as you keep on going, if AIM Global can pay you this amount of money after 1year, what will happen after 5years!? 10years?! I am grateful to AIM GLOBAL for this opportunity.

Success doesn’t just come and find you,you have to go out and get it

For further information whatsApp me: +2348130908513

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  1. This is very encouraging and I plan to join AIM as soon as I get the joining fee, I am so . I believe I can go far with Alliance in Motion

  2. True,I am still below ordinary.
    I likeyour story,bravo,but a small percentage has made such,sure.

  3. Whoa whoa that’s amazing its wonderful. I can’t wait to be there

  4. how can i joined when i have no money

  5. Great news indeed and i am also inspired and i believe that one day will make it .Its only a matter of time .God bless

  6. Great news indeea and i am inspired and i bilieve that one day will make it.God bless

  7. Am inspired sir am from zambia .

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